Incorporeal Tomb

I saw yellows- golden poppy, lanzones, pale peach and glazed corn. I saw reds- candy apple red, shiraz, and indian red. The sky was baby blue. In the distance there was a dark square, a window of black. I saw the way to oblivion.

The roars approached me first. Sonic jolts and squalls rattled off from behind the window. The closer I got, the more my nerves got torn up with buck fever. The sands of the desolate earth jumped up and down like slavic dancers. No vodka could take this red hand down.

Fate hooked me on the lips and tore upward between my eyes. The Mind's Eye then broke free. It spilled from my forehead like a calf from a heffers loins. It plopped and wobbled like a cold cracked egg. Falling towards the sand, the Eye hovered over the vibrations of the screaming earth. I panicked. I wanted my vision back.

It’s a strange thing. A better angel… or a strapped angel, ought to have handed me a nine. What if you could see your soul standing before you? What if your higher mind confronted you about your ills? What if God himself recalled the spark that was so carefully sown in the original two? Strange, I had an urge to shoot my third eye dead. If it wanted to leave I suppose I could have sent it with metals to melt for a ride into Hades. I suppose I could have thrown some lead with the pull of a finger…

I lashed backwards as if I needed to go back in time. The guilt gnawed at my ear.

The Eye swam over the dancing sands to a dead tree. I could feel my existence fall. If I were a cruel thing I’d call a person a subhuman for degenerating, like I did then. The Eye materialized arachnid feelers to scale the old oak. I began to cry. All I was able to muster out of the corners of my eyes were secretions of brine.

The closer I came to the black window the more I regressed. I had fallen back through the history of the animal-man. Was the crustacean behind the window? Would I have swam in the sea of unconscious creatures? Or could I have met Adam? Or perhaps Satan was waiting there.

Pain held my bones and nerves tightly until my entry into the window of black. The sand in the dancing valley became more dense in close proximity to the window. It began to feel like I was walking on broken glass. As my feet crushed the glass my head went numb. The sensation was local. Looking back I could see where the sand stopped dancing. The glass began as my feet layed red stripes with a shiny glaze.

The color in the sky dulled down. The clouds had lost their flare of reality. Some feathered beasts flew between the darkest caverns of the sullen atmosphere. Changelings cut through the sky like a knife. Low embered, burning fauna bucked heads near the mountain base. Little shadow crawlers scurried through the sands.

My skin felt like it was falling away from the muscle. It smelled like a sewer. Inside my bones, it felt like little stars were exploding. The supernovas burned me as the pressure swelled around the marrow. I could imagine my skull changing the colors of the earth tone rainbow. I wore death as a garment.

My skin suit began to rot. Hunched over, I whistled through my fangs to call the Mind's Eye home. I had never felt more anxious. My whistles began with a tight lip but soon fell loose letting out gravelly cries. I whistled into the dark and something whispered back.

“Dance with me, Shadow of Man… “

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